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Who are we?

Conscious Design.

Sustainable Future.

Zemac specializes in optimizing acoustic comfort through innovative engineering. We partner with you to overcome even the most complex acoustic challenges, ensuring your spaces achieves the ideal balance of comfort, performance, and sustainability.

Our Values.

At Zemac, we believe that engineering for the future means engineering for the environment. Our unwavering commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles is the driving force behind our position as one of Hong Kong's largest specialist acoustic contractors. By using sustainable materials and methods, we ensure the environments we build exist in harmony with the natural world. This holistic approach enables our clients to achieve prestigious green building certifications like BEAM Plus and LEED, while also meeting their corporate ESG targets.

BEAM Plus Environmental and Sustainabile Development meeting BEAM Plus acoustic criteria

How can you benefit from sustainable design?

Building Environmental Assessment Method (BEAM) Plus is a comprehensive standard that defines best practices for sustainability across a building's entire life-cycle - from design and construction to ongoing operations. By achieving BEAM Plus certification, developers not only promote the use of more eco-friendly materials, but also maximize the usable space within their plots of land.

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